Resort Opens, Offers Free Gas to Guests Booking this year

As shelter-at-home restrictions lift and some states and counties move toward phases of reopening, Summer travel season has never been so inviting - or so intimidating. Most Americans are still reluctant to travel by plane; a recent survey of more than 8100 U.S. residents found more than 41% of respondents say they will not feel safe to travel by air for at least 3 or 6 months. 

One guest ranch in Northern California’s Lost Sierra is experiencing an uptick in bookings from families cancelling flights and hotel stays in lieu of something that accommodates social distancing and is within driving distance. Staff at Greenhorn Ranch is enhancing cleaning and recommended protocols to ensure the safety of their guests and staff this summer. It announced Friday its “Tanks for Staying” campaign, offering to offset the cost of gas to travelers booking for August - October. It will reopen June 1 for its 2020 season. 

Greenhorn is making a series of steps to do this. Some of them include:
  • At former gathering sites and spots around the ranch such as the barn and queues for rides, they're now instead having families pace out by appointments.
  • They've closed the communal dining area and in lieu of buffet-style dining, they're doing table service and outdoor seating.
  • At indoor gathering spots like by the fireplace in the lodge, they're drastically enhancing cleaning frequency and protocols and asking that only co-quarantining groups gather at any time, then requiring cleanings in between. 
  • Per California law, the Saloon has closed bar seating.
  • Cleaning protocols and frequency are vastly different across the ranch, from sanitizing saddle handles between rides to limiting access to shared spaces and facilities. 
  • They've expanded outdoor activity offerings to attract groups to different adventures at different times - including e-assist mountain bikes, 3D archery, and more. They're hoping to have a community garden soon. 
  • Staff members are wearing face masks and/or gloves when in the vicinity of others. 
Because the ranch has mostly individual units and already focuses on outdoor activity and horseback trail rides, there is already a culture that fosters social distancing.