Congressional Candidate Joe Collins Calls Out House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

Los Angeles, CA — 43rd Congressional Candidate Joe Collins took to Twitter to call out House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy after an interview on Fox News in which McCarthy claims to know what “Black-Americans want and need” in the wake of protests around the country following the death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed with excessive force during a routine stop by Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin.
In several tweets Saturday evening Collins called on McCarthy to “refrain from speaking on things he knows nothing about”, asking the Republican Congressman from Bakersfield, Ca "when has he ever actually been to an inner city, let alone taken the time to actually partner with any inner city Black-Americans, organizations, or leaders to address and find solutions to the challenges plaguing their communities?" Collins' tweets highlighted that "McCarthy doesn’t even support inner city black people like myself running for office in his own party, where does he find the audacity to speak on behalf of a community he is a stranger to?”
Collins message is clear, “Republican or Democrat it’s time for pandering politicians who’ve taken no action to mitigate the injustices facing Black-Americans, especially those in inner cities, to go”. It is no secret that Black communities are disproportionately plagued with lack of economic development, quality career-oriented jobs that lead to retirement and provide benefits, mental health resources, freedom from racial profiling or any of the other benefits afforded their White-American counterparts.
Joe Collins is running for office against career politician Rep. Maxine Waters because he is tired of politicians like her and what they represent. These politicians pander the black vote come election time but doing little to nothing else for the black community the rest of the time they are in office. "Yes, I am aware that Elected Officials' are responsible for serving all peoples within their communities, but it’s time we put an end to the willful ignorance of the disproportionate challenges created by policies the very same Elected Officials’ have voted into law”.
Collins flew to Minnesota to partner with Hennepin community organizers in an effort to channel the anger and frustration of many citizens into a catalyst for actual change. “We are tired. Yet again another unarmed Black man has been killed and we must send a message to these politicians, these law makers, who continue to facilitate the status quo of inequality in America. The real change comes in the halls of Congress, the laws must be changed, we must vote out any and everybody who does nothing. We must vote. We have to take a long hard look at what people are actually doing in their communities, what actions have they taken, what bills have they passed. Faith without works is dead” Collins reverberated.