Birthday and Halloween at Great Wolfe Lodge

Having our birthday at Great Wolf Lodge Anaheim is becoming one of our traditions. Many of you may know, or may not know, my son and I share the same birth date (Oct 23rd). It's cool because we get to share so much fun together and it's pretty special. Since my favorite time of year is Halloween time we celebrated our birthday and had some Halloween fun at Great Wolf Lodge.

The decor is fun and Halloween themed but not over the top scary. It's pretty cute. The not so scary spider made of balloons hovers over the lobby and check in area. The are shacks with fake cobwebs on it but nothing spookey to scare the kids, nothing popping out to make you cry, just decoration.

As you can tell we got our wolf ears but this time we got the ears with the birthday hat attached. Pretty cool because the staff tells us Happy Birthday as we pass.

There are Halloween theme party shopping to be done. I loved the candy corn lanyard and the pumpkin scented lotion.

Before heading to the pool we decided to to take some pictures with the Halloween screen.

Downstairs, under the lobby, is the arcade, pizza parlor, glow in the dark mini golf, mini bowling, ice cream parlor, build a wolf bear, magical wands game purchase, tiny spa and a mini virtual ride. It is also the entrance the to waterpark, but we will talk about that later.

The games in the arcade area is good for kids of all ages. I find that I'm pretty lucky in the arcade.

I won back to back 800 tickets. 

Jayden loves the adventure. After we purchased some time to add to our magic wands, Jayden was off running around the hotel, going up the elevator, heading to the lobby, all on a hunt to find treasure and unlock different lands and phases with this game.

For this game you will have to have a wand, you can pick your own wand and handle. Have it activated and them head on your quest. You will see treasures that light up, move, and make noise all around the hotel and on different floors.

For safety, and because Jayden is an only child, I go with him on the quest. You will find other kids on the quest solo, but for safety and consideration of others, I go with my son on this adventure.

Here is Jayden in the hallway, right outside of other guests rooms.

I stopped at the ice cream parlor to get me my own little wand... in the shape of a double scoop of rainbow sorbert, LOL.

One of the places I always wanted to go to was the spa. It's very girlie so my son just isn't here for it. If I had a daughter I would love to have a mommy and me spa day here. I love that they have scented items and I could get my a nice scented chocolate pedicure.

Plus I think that if I had a daughter she would like the fairy wolf and other fairy figures that they have around the lodge. They also have activities like camp fires and stories to participate in at night but my son is always too excited for going.

One of the best things about this hotel is that there indoor waterpark is 80 degrees all year round. It was raining outside and that didn't stop us from heading to the waterpark for some swimming fun.

Can you tell from Jayden's face that he was ready to get some swimming in for his birthday? LOL

As I mentioned before, the entrance to the water park is under the lobby. You walk through the gift store, where you can get swim suits, goggles, swim shoes, towels and other cute items, and then the rear doors head to the water park.

Jayden loves the wave pool. It's always his first stop. A little tip, the wave pool sitting area fills up fast, you want to clam your seats by using your personal beach towel as soon as possible. The wave pool is also next to the apparatus and lazy river so there is a lot of people around this area.

So although it was raining outside, we were inside having a blast in the water during Halloween.

Yup, fun in the water at the end of October. 

Jayden can't swim so he has to wear a life vest. The waves can get a little powerful here, so I would advice people to take advantage of the life jackets that they offer, it's free.

Jayden's second favorite part of the water park is the apparatus. It is on timer and gallons of water will come falling on you when you hear the noise. But he also loves the slides, it's not too big, but not for babies.

His next favorite is the water basketball. However, this area seems to be more for teens. Grown men and young adult boys find this a challenge and get aggressive here. The ball hog and it can get kind of wild. They bump into kids and it becomes far to competitive. I tend to get in with my son here and when the older kids or men come we get out to avoid conflict.

My favorite is the lazy river. You can see in this video that it's not a long river but it is fun. Water will fall on you so don't fall asleep in the raft here LOL.

The Halloween wolf ears are orange, We got ours right when we were leaving.


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