Flight 869 - Spirit Airlines (A Horror Story)

In April 2019 I decided to take my son Jayden on his first flight. He decided to head to Dallas Texas for the weekend and I wanted to see how Jayden would be on a flight before I started planning vacations to far destinations. I heard about Spirit Airlines from Youtubers like The Skorpion Show and Gabe Babe TV (Gabe Babe TV are ambassadors for Spirit Airlines). I had never flown Spirit Airlines before, I normally fly Delta or United.

I booked our flight online and I noticed a few glitches and some pages didn't work on their website. I decided to download the Spirit App and saw some different issues. I then looked at Youtube videos to see if this issue was common and it was. I started reading about how to travel Spirit Airlines because you have to pack small.

After a day or two passed the website was finally working properly, but the fare did increase, I opted for the Big Seats because I have three herniated discs in my back, and I'm tall (5'11). On the day of our departure I get a notification that the gate had changed. No big deal.

We finally board our flight. They let families board first so we were one of the first ones on the plane.

The flight attendants were nice and offered to let Jayden meet the pilots because this was his first plane ride ever but he was too scared to go say hi. They also ran out of wing pins for the kids to were.

One of the things I noticed about these Big Seats was that they weren't in the best condition. The head rest was off center, the armrest was broken and everything was thin and small.

The flight was full and we were packed inside. Once on board and in flight I was able to place an order for a BuzzBall which was pretty good. I never had a drink while flying and the drink was perfect.
As you can see, there wasn't much room having snacks and meals. Spirit only has snacks and drinks. There was just enough space for my child to use his Nintendo Switch in his lap and sit his small soda on his small table. I wouldn't recommend this small table to use a laptop on or an ipad on, its far too small.

The flight wasn't too shaky so Jayden fell asleep before the 3 hour flight was over. The Big Seats don't recline and with the back issues I have, I ended up taking some Aleve to help with the pain and inflammation.

Once we landed we was on our way to having a great weekend. Well so I thought...

While at DFW airport we came across a game station and Jayden was thrilled. Since we had arrived three hours early because I didn't want us to miss our flight I let Jayden play for $20 and got us some Chick-Fil-A.

While Jayden was playing the games I got an email telling me that my flight was delayed. The teen in charge of the Game Stations said that we could have unlimited game play until our flight leaves because of the inconvenience. That was great and excellent customer service, I didn't even ask for it.

I decided to shop for some souvenirs next door the the Game Station. Once I was done that is when I got a notification on my Spirit App and my heart sank. I have high blood pressure and this notification not only made my head hurt but my chest was tight, I could feel myself getting a fever, and I started to cry. SPIRIT CANCELLED my flight. I had no way to get home with my son, no credit cards, very little cash, and I was screwed.

I didn't pay in full for my Spirit flight but used their pay later option when I booked the flight. The service was from Uplift. I called Spirit Airlines and after waiting for an hour I told them they cancelled and flight and asked them what to do. They said nothing and the flight was cancelled due to weather, but the weather was clear from California to Texas and no other airlines had cancelled their flights to Los Angeles. Spirit said the next flight would be Wednesday, this was Saturday, and they wanted me to be stranded in Texas for days in hopes that the next flight wouldn't be cancelled. I asked them to get me another flight on another airline or to refund my money and they did neither and hung up on me.

Here is the message I sent both Uplift and Spirit:
 #spiritairlines cancelled my fight and left me and my child stranded in Texas trying to get home to Los Angeles. They didn't offer me help and I paid for the big seats. Instead they hung up in my face after waiting an hour on hold and still trying to get a refund. I still don't have my refund and I had to pay extra money to another airline to get me home. What was the point of using Uplift Spirit payment service to save money if I was going to have to pay full price plus more to another airline because Spirit cancelled my flight for no reason. No other airline had weather issues flying to the same city at the same time, they didn't have delays or cancelled flights. I am still waiting for my money back.

Spirit Airline later blamed me for this issue and emailed me informing me that I cancelled my own flight and they were not the reason that I was stranded.

I started downloading Airline Apps and seeing which airline could get me and my son home. Which airline could sit me and my son together? As I am searching for airlines the price was going up and up and up every ten minutes that passed. I got American Airlines on the phone, told them my situation, explained that I don't have a credit card and that I was on a payment plan.... The agent at American Airlines put two seats on hold for me, they were together but close, I had to get a transfer of funds to American Airlines for $560. My Spirit flight was about $445, but I was paying $112 a month on the Uplift payment plan. I had to come up with the total $560 to pay American Air lines to get us home.

American Airlines was nice enough to get me and my son seats just an isle apart from each other. I was still able to hold his hand during the flight. We were able to watch TV and movies on the head rest and order food. We were in the rear of the plane and not in the front or first class like I like but we had a flight home, no weather issues, no delays, and great customer service.

Once I got home I let Spirit Airline have a piece of my mind. I wrote letters, sent emails, DM them on Twitter, posted pictures on Instagram and then Spirit started deleting my posts, which made my blood boil. Every chance I get I tell people about my horror experience with Spirit, how they blamed me for cancelling my flight, and how they took a month to send my money back to Uplift. They asked me for my credit card number, I don't have a credit card, and I told them I used their Uplift service and that without a credit card number they wasn't going to refund my money at all.

In the end I will never fly Spirit Airlines again. I will have to save more money, the cost of 4 plane fares, just in case any other airlines try this same stunt.

A few days after this ordeal my blood pressure refused to go down and I was borderline stroke or having a heartattack. I had to go to the emergency room and I had to see my primary care physician. I don't take high blood pressure medications because I am normally able to control my pressure with certain foods, meditation and relaxation, but there was not stopping my pressure from escalating. I had to take medications (80% of all medications don't work on me or I am allergic to it) but medications don't always work. Now that it is finally June and months after the incident I am able to try and get my meditation back and calm myself after dealing with Spirit Airlines. There is no way I would fly Spirit Airlines again and risk dying because of the games that they play.