Soak City Knott's Berry Farm plus Cabana Tips

This year we decided to make our first summer water park visit to Knott's Soak City. I wanted to go when I figured there wouldn't be a massive crowd and the weather wouldn't be too hot. I was right, Father's Day was the perfect opportunity to beat the crowds and heat at Soak City.

We are season pass holders with Knott's Berry Farm and one of the advantages is getting into Soak City for free. No extra fees and you get season pass discounts on food and merchandise, the same at Knott's Berry Farm.

After entering we went to get our lockers. We paid for the small $15 locker for our bag, shoes, extra clothes and purse. It all fit with no problem. I wish I could pick the level location of the locker but you can't. I have three herniated discs in my back and if I had a locker low to the ground I wouldn't be able to use it so you have to hope for the best when getting a small locker. Also, the $15 charge is for the entire day, you can go to your locker throughout the day to remove and put things in as you wish without an extra fee.

They do have a play area for the little kids and a picnic area to the left of it. Families can bring their own beach umbrellas, food, picnic blankets and chairs to set up in this area. It would be a great area to have a small gathering or party at. Just remember that it is first come first serve.

The next main attraction for kids is the Beach House. It's an apparatus with falling water, slides, water cannons, squirters and levels. Both kids and teens can be found playing on this and I did see some adults having fun with their kids.

My personal favorite has to be the lazy river. It's not very fast and is pretty relaxing if you go when there aren't a lot of people around. You will have a selection on inner-tubes, the yellow are small, the green is a nice medium to large and the blue is XL. My son wears a Men's Medium and I wear a Large and we are fine with the green inner-tube. 

My son's favorite is the wave pool. They have orange inner tubes here but it is first come first serve. You cannot take these inner tubers around the park and they must remain in the wave pool. You have the option of paying for a rental, they are blue, or finding an orange that no one is using. My son can't swim and they do offer life jackets but this wave pool isn't powerful and has a rather small deep area. 

Let's talk cabanas. There are three sections of cabanas, the Shore, the Malibu, and the Wave Pool. Above is a picture of the Malibu. The Malibu is in the center of the park. It is near a Restaurant, wave pool, large slides, big kid apparatus, and restrooms. It comes with 8 chairs, some of them are recliners, a small safe to keep your valuables, canopy, umbrella, table, and waiter service. I like this area if I had a large group of kids I would be chaperoning or a family of 4 or more.

The Shore Cabanas, pictured above, are my favorite because it is on the east side of the park against the fence and not very busy. It's pretty quiet. It is near the entrance to the lazy river and a large slide. It has the same set up as the Malibu does. If you like to have a little slice of heaven away from too much commotion then the Shoe Cabanas are the perfect option. Both the Malibu and Shore was $185 for the day (no season pass discount). If you want to get a cabana I suggest reserving one the day before and you can do it on the Knott's app or the website and you can download the agreement form. If you wait until you enter Soak City you will have to hope there is a cabana available and fill out the agreement form there. 

The other cabana is the Wave Pool Cabanas, they are on both sides of the wave pool. The start at $200 and have the same set up as the others. The main difference is the location. If you know that your family will spend most of the day in the wave pool then this is a great option. For me I don't like that you hear the bell go off signaling the waves are about to happen in the wave pool all day. I tend to like a more quiet area.

The Longboard's Grill is near the Malibu Cabanas. For me it had the cleanest restroom options and had family restrooms.

Ok, time for snacks. There is a lighthouse that has snacks, it's located on a bridge. You can get stuff to drink and cotton candy.

We opted to head back towards the entrance and got pizza and a funnel cake. Jayden had a slice of pepperoni pizza, I had plan cheese, and we shared a funnel cake with strawberries and powdered sugar. You can use your season pass her for a discount and if you have a year round souvenir cup you can get your discounted refill. With our discount we paid $24.65, not too bad.

Another great option is the icee area, near the west side of the park and wave pool cabanas. We got icee souvenir cups and had a choice of 9 different icee flavors, some icee flavors were not ready.

Is it worth it? Yes.
Is it worth getting a season pass for? Yes, you save a lot of money especially if you go often. If you go to Soak City and Knott's once a month then you have paid for you pass.
Any cons? I would say that the no plastic straws and no plastic lids can be a con. Kids spill their drinks all the time. With my teeth issues, not having a straw can be an issue. I have to remember to bring straws from home. However, you can purchase a souvenir cup and it comes with a lid and straw.