Robotics at Legoland CA

Growing up in south Los Angeles has its limits and one of the things you can't find where we live is Robotics. Ever since we learned about robotics at Legoland my son has been hooked. He finds it amazing and I think it's one of the best creative outlets for kids going to Legoland.

First thing first, reserve your time!!! Head over to the Mind Storm area of the park, near ninjago. You need to get a spot early when the park opens so that you know when to return and can participate in the robotics fun. Most days that we go, there a two types of robotics classes but it doesn't depend on the age group. We seem the catch the same robotics class each time but we hope to catch the other one in 2019.

Each station has a robot. You are given instructions on the computer and some guidance from the instructor. The goal is to build a robot by adding attachments, guiding it through an obstacle course by using codes and programs, then making the robot do what it's suppose to do. After each task or assignment is complete you tell the instructor and you go to the next challenge.

We normally go through all 4-5 challenges. It's fun to see when kids finish first. 

The course is about lifting the balls, shooting sticks, and driving the robot around.

It  can be pretty hard from kids under 5 if they haven't did robotics before but a great learning experience. In this picture my son was 9 and was able to complete the course with my help. There were only 1 or 2 kids that didn't need parents to help them.

For me this was a way for me to get out of the sun, relax, while my son was busy expanding his mind and creativity.

Is it worth the wait for the class??? YES!
Is it educational? YES
What age do you recommend? 6 to 11 years of age.
Is it just for boys? NO, girls can code too!! If you ask me, girls are better at it.
Does it cost anything? Nope, not one dime.