Inside the Castle Hotel at Legoland CA (Carlsbad)

The new Legoland Castle Hotel is one of the best hotel stays that we have had. There is so much to do and so much fun to be had so I will break down some awesome things to be aware of.

After you check in there is a scavenger hunt for the kids to play. You answer the questions in order to get a code to unlock a treasure in your room.

Before you head to your room, take a ride on the slide at check in, it's pretty fun.

There are also Legos to play with in the lobby while the parents check in.

On your way to your room you may notice there is a talking elevator. I was actually scared by it at first, I was not prepared LOL.

Inside your room, depending on which theme of room you have, you will be in a land of Dragons, Wizards, and Knights. Each room is themed and every detail is perfect for the kids.

They even have bunk beds for the kids.

The kids area has their own TV and tons of Legos to keep them busy.

Remember the scavenger hunt I mentioned before? This is the treasure box that was in our room.

For the adults and rest of the family there is a safe, microwave, mini fridge, coffee maker, sitting area and flat screen TV.

Outside, but in the middle of the castle, is a play area. There are slides, swings, an outside movie area, characters and tons of fun. You have to ask about the start time of the movies but they are Lego Movies, of course :)

Keep going further and you will come across the pool area. I loved that they had cabanas, the pool isn't very deep, and there is a small Jacuzzi in the very back of it.

The Castle Hotel does have a dinning area but it was too crowded for us to get in. The wait time was about 4 hours so we missed having dinner here. Luckily the Legoland Original Hotel is right next door so we hate there. We love the food there, well, I love that I can order a nice Margarita at the bar.

All in all I think that if you get a chance to stay at either hotel you wont be let down. I love the new Castle Hotel, it is handicapped friendly, right in front of Legoland for convenience, and the theme is pretty cute. My friends have stayed at the original hotel before so I have seen the inside but I have not personally stayed there yet.

Is it worth the price? If your kids love legos.... YES.