Star Wars Days at Legoland 2018 Experience (Day 1)

This year was our very first time participating in Star Wars Days at Legoland CA. With the new Solo Star Wars Movie having been just released Jayden was super excited to go. I wasn't prepared for the amount of cool Star Wars events that Legoland had planned but we did partake in the Scavenger Hunt and the Meet and Greet.

First we took pictures will all of the characters that Jayden loved. I'm not big on Star Wars, I know, don't hurt me, so please excuse not knowing all of their names. I know storm troopers, Darth Vador, Kylo Ren, R2D2 and Yoda, anyone else and I'm a lost soul lol. Here are some pictures.

On day one we took pictures and did the Scavenger Hunt. Since I don't know much about Star Wars it was up to Jayden to find everything. We went to the costume registration booth in mini Legoland and was given a pamphlet and pencil to start.

I was able to let Jayden go to find the answers to all the questions while I took a seat under a tree, again, I'm Star Wars clueless, lol. We were suppose to download the Legoland app to get the answer to the first question and of course I spaced out and couldn't find it. I checked everywhere on the app, so I wrote in whatever made sense on Google, Jayden had a different answer. After answering all of the questions we were to unscramble the words to answer the final question... yeah, um, no, I had no clue what the answer was and neither did Jayden so we couldn't enter to win the scavenger hunt contest. Although it was pretty fun and gave me a nice break under a tree.

After the hunt we decided to partake on other rides and go eat pizza, I will have to tell you about the unlimited pizza in another post, but yes, all you can eat pizza is at Legoland.

On day 2 we found out about a droid hunt and other activities but that's a post for another day. All in all we had a great time and I'm happy that Jayden was able to have fun and know so much about Star Wars. With me having a degree in film and animation I feel that I should know more about Star Wars, smh.