Brick or Treat at Legoland CA 2017 (Park Tips Included)

Brick or Treat is back at Legoland CA and we didn't hesitate to make arrangements to travel to Carlsbad for this event. It has quickly become a family tradition for us. The decorations or pumpkins, ghost, skulls and other Halloween attributes were in full swing around the park.

The main stage arena for the costume judging isn't used during the day and the other entertainment items in this area were canceled. We made it into our rest stop lol.

At 5pm the Brick or Treat party began but we took advantage of the short lines and got on a few rides. Most people were looking for candy but we a seasoned veterans of Brick or Treat and we knew it was time to hit the rides.

This year Legoland Brick or Treat had serious competion when it came to the costume contest. I think the best one I saw was a kid dressed as the Marshmallow Man, his outfit puffed out and looked full of air. Jayden liked the kid dressed as a Minnion because it was huge and people thought he worked for Legoland. 

This year I really enjoyed that the lines for treats were roped off more than before. Before it was easier for people to cut the line and run and join in but this year the lines were more organized.

We didn't stay long year but after hitting 5 stations here's my candy loot. Not bad. I did pass on the Cliff bars that they were giving out and opted for more candy. I kind of wish I got more Cliff bars because I can put them in my son's lunch bag, ca't really do that with candy.

2017 Tips and Tricks:
  1. If you arrive at the opening time you will not be given a treat bag, you pick them up at the 1st candy station you visit.
  2. If you really want to ride the rides, head to 2 or 3 rides first. Most people are getting candy at this time. Then get candy and return to riding the rides.
  3. To get the most candy... get back in line. It's ok to get in the same line again, it's not ok to cut the line. There were enough candy stations this year so the lines weren't very long.
  4. Arrival, most people are leaving at 5pm from their day at LegoLand so parking can be a challenge. If you arrive at 4pm you will avoid more of the traffic jam of people leaving the park. Although I do suggest taking shuttle.
  5. Please know that the shuttle service provided by most hotels have to drop you off at the Welcome sign. You cannot walk straight across any longer because of the new Castle Hotel construction. You have to go down the hill, around it and up the hill again. Being someone that is disabled I had a hard time doing this and hurt my knee returning to the Welcome sign at the end of this visit.
  6. Costumes. If you didn't come for the competition then keep the costume simple. It's already difficult to keep up with a child, candy bag, the excitement, and add an elaborate costume to the mix can be a challenge for the kid, parent, and people around you. I saw people tripping over dinosaur tails and all night.