KISS came to visit the most epic tribute in the history of rock'n roll.

The band KISS, who plays in Helsinki tonight, on May 4th, visited the gigantic “men of rock” statues in the Central railway station. VR, the state owned Railway company, honored the band in a unique way and gave the statues their own KISS masks. The impressed band feels it’s a fantastic way to celebrate Finland’s love of rock’n roll.
Today was the day HELLSINKI turned into the biggest rock n’ roll tribute of all time.
“The hottest rock band in the world does everything bigger, bolder and louder, and this is the proof of it!” says Mark Stroman, SVP Marketing McGhee Entertainment -KISS. 
The legendary band is performing in Finland tonight and to honor the occasion, Helsinki decided to give the band a welcome they will never forget. The gigantic rock statues, in front of the Helsinki Central railway station, ironically called “the four men of rock”, got their own KISS masks. These statues are seen by 300 000 passers-by daily.
The band loved the tribute so much that they wanted to come see it in person before the concert and took part in the big pre-concert celebration at the railway station today. The spectacle even included a cover band and a flash mob.
The stunt has acquired a lot of international media attention already and the masks are going to be shipped to Los Angeles next week to be a permanent part of the KISS EXPO Museum.
Pictures can be found e.g. under #kivimiehet  or #menofrock.