Say goodbye to the Selfie Stick

The ShowOff Super Mount is quickly replacing the need for the bulky Selfie Stick and outdated tripod. This breakthrough mounting system is turning the common smartphone into the ultimate adventure cam by combining Bluetooth technology with an advanced magnetic system, strong enough to mount your phone to any surface.

The pocket-sized Bluetooth remote enables you to take hands-free pictures and videos, up to 30 feet away
Included below is a full press release, including a video demonstrating the versatility of the ShowOff Super Mount. Please let me know if you’re interested! Retail: $29.99 -- Katie   

Capture the Unforgettable with the ShowOff Super Mount
This breakthrough mounting system is turning the common smartphone into the ultimate adventure cam.

The ShowOff Super Mount is the most versatile phone mount on the market, transforming any smartphone into a personal photographer, body cam, dash cam, and more instantly. (Click image to watch the ShowOff YouTube video)

Entrepreneur and adrenaline junkie Josh Holder, invented the ShowOff Super Mount to bring simplicity and affordability to those trying to capture their active lifestyles on tape.

“I didn’t want to have to purchase a whole new piece of equipment that I would—honestly—probably forget to charge or end up leaving at home,” said Holder. “My phone already does everything, and I never leave the house without it—it just needed a boost.”

The ShowOff Super Mount uses an innovative magnet system to secure phones to clothing, motorcycle tanks, rearview mirrors, and more. There are no tangled cords, chargers, or memory sticks, and users don’t have to learn new software in order to access and edit their videos. In fact you can share your adventures immediately! The Bluetooth remote works up to 30 feet away, just mount, shoot, and share!

From shark diving over the North Shore of Oahu to snowboarding down Colorado’s highest peaks, with the ShowOff Super Mount it’s never been easier to get breathtaking footage and photos while on-the-go.

“Our mount isn’t just about the extreme lifestyle,” says Holder. “It has a million applications in everyday life from capturing the kids’ first footsteps to snapping selfies at Disneyland.”

ShowOff Super Mount Features:
• Hands free videos of anything and everything
• Bluetooth remote self photographs
• Real time updates while working by attaching it to the computer or monitor
• GPS navigation in the car by mounting it to the rearview mirror
• Optimal magnetic strength, securely mounts to motorcycle tank and all-terrain vehicles 

Each ShowOff Super Mount comes with the magnet pack, four sticky mounting pads, and the Bluetooth remote. Customers can choose from singles, doubles, or a four pack for the whole family all while enjoying free shipping.

The ShowOff Super Mount was born in Denver, Colorado, making its debut in November of 2016. Thanks to the help of friends, family, and local adrenaline junkies like founder Josh Holder, it has already traveled around the world. From four-wheeling through the deserts of Utah to bungee jumping in Australia, the ShowOff has seen it all.