Holiday gift buying guide - a scooter should be on the list!

Chicago-based Genuine Scooters is the largest US based scooter company, and the third largest seller of scooters in the US with 250 dealers across the country.  They have sold nearly 60,000 scooters during their 14 years of operation and their new “Kick” scooter is quickly becoming a best-selling favorite.
Boasting 100 mpg, the Kick will still go more than 60 mph, powered by a 124.5cc, air-cooled engine.  Available in glossy titanium, turquoise, tangerine and white, the scooter MSRP is $3,199.

Celebrities ride Genuine scooters
No surprise really with the popularity of Genuine Scooters and celebrities - glancing on Pinterest, you’ll see the Kardashians, Tom Hanks, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ryan Macklemore, Jason Mraz and Queen Latifiah all riding them.  Most recently, Zac Efron and the Rock are riding them in the shooting of the upcoming Baywatch reboot movie and Sharon Stone in her upcoming film, “A Little Something For Your Birthday.”

Why not give the planet a present - scooters are environmentally friendly
Lastly, switching from a car to a scooter can have a tremendous positive impact on the planet. A car will emit 0.93 pounds of carbon dioxide per mile, compared with 0.31 pounds for a scooter – and a car produces 2 1/2 times as much greenhouse gas as a scooter.