54th Annual Watermelon Festival

One way to have fun in California is by having Family fun at festivals and the watermelon festival is one to attend. I went with my 7 year old son to see if we could find the ever so hard to find yellow meat watermelon, sadly I found out it's not in season and that farm is located in Texas. I was happy to see so many people knowledgeable in watermelons. Upon entering you were given free slices of watermelon. How cool. Then you saw tons of booths from KTLA 5 need, mobile, local jumper companies and tons of food trucks. Our first stop was to get a watermelon slushie and we sat and are while listening to soca music, a Trinidadian love. Next we purchased tickets to enjoy the carnival attractions and we were off to ride bumper cars, merry go round, and the tall slide. We did notice that not all of the attractions were from the same company, so we had to buy another set of tickets to do the obstacle course and the bumper water balls. We had a nice late lunch, hot links and bacon wrapped hot links from the food trucks. We did notice there weren't a lot of chairs available so we sat under the tints where the concerts were to eat. We also had a pineapple punch to sip on. We ended our trip by going back for more free watermelon, getting in the jumper for free, grabbing a cotton candy and a grape snow cone for the 1 hour drive home. All in all I think that the watermelon festival is great for the little kids, preschoolers and 1- 2nd graders. It's enough to keep them entertained with the attractions, storytelling, jumper, petting zoo, and kid painting area. It's also nice for those that want to relax under the concert tint and have some good food from the soul food truck, Mexican food truck, and roasted corn. The costs for things are a little steep, drinks $5 and above, $11 for 2 hot dogs, but the watermelon is free and all u can eat.