Snow Day at Legoland CA 2015

November 21, 2015 - January 3, 2016

This year has been such an amazing adventure for me and Jayden. In 2014 we were homeless and being able to spend any amount of happiness in a place like Legoland was unheard of. As this 2015 year is coming to an end we are looking back on all of the amazing joys we have been able to partake in and the time we shared together. Legoland CA is for sure the turning point in our lives because this place has brought us so much happiness when things looked so down. We greatly appreciate Legoland helping us to make positive and joyful memories this year.

This trip to Legoland was the very 1st time Jayden ever saw snow. Living in southern CA and having a pretty difficult lifestyle being able to see, touch and play in snow was unheard of, until Snow Day at Legoland CA came to town. Everything opened at normal business hours and we ran straight to the Snow Day area, which is located right outside of the Water park area. There we was able to play with large plastic legos building things and using cool props to add to our snowman. 

For Jayden, he loved making snowballs and throwing them at the target, it's inside the same attraction as the Fun Town Police and Fire Academy.

Once inside the snow area there isn't really a time limit for the children to play which I thought was cool. The only time the kids were asked to leave the area was when they had to clean the snow. I liked that we were able to be one of the 1st people to get to the snow area because it was fresh snow and it wasn't dirty, I'm a huge germ-a-phob. So if you are like me, bypass all the other attractions and head to the snow day 1st, you wont regret it.

Next up was a little sledding time for Jayden. He was pretty hesitant the 1st time down, it was his very first time to try it, but once he went down the slop he was hooked. I couldn't tell if he liked throwing snowballs or sledding more, he was in complete kiddy bliss.

After riding it was back to more snowball tossing, lol. I would have to say we spent a good 2 or 3 hours of our day playing in snow.

Also, there were attendants around to help the kids make snow balls with a scooper. At times Jayden couldn't get the snow to pack tight enough into a ball but the staff there helped him with that.

Since there are 2 sides to the Fun Town Police and Fire Academy the other side didn't have a slope to slide down but it did have a target to throw snowballs at that spun. The kids had a great time trying to make the target spin when they hit it.

After enjoying the park and looking at all of the holiday decorations of course Jayden wasn't done with his snow day adventure. We headed back for more snow fun.

This time is was more about the race going down the slopes. Once more kids arrived they would race each other down the little snow hill. Pretty cool for a party of 4 to race each other.

By this time mommy was tuckered out, although I didn't do any work lol. We stayed to watch the tree lighting and to see the singing shows in Heartlake City.

(Telling Lego Santa he wants Lego Dimensions for Christmas lol)

All in all our verdict is that Legoland CA is providing families with wonderful holiday magic, memories, and opportunities to be happy. From Brick or Treat to Snow Day, from having a Water Park inside the Park to numerous rides and play areas, Legoland has everything you are looking for in a family vacation. I would recommend the following for Snow Day:

1. Get there early.
2. Dress warm, but you don't need to over dress (the weather was 70 degrees)
3. Have an extra shirt or pants in case the kids clothes get too wet.
4. Racing down the slopes are always fun as a team, but fun alone too.
5. Take lots of pictures because if you have never seen snow before you will be amazed.