Our November trip to Adventure City in Anaheim CA

November is here and it's time for a little family adventure. This month we decided on Adventure City in Anaheim CA. The weather was perfect, a nice 75 degrees and we wanted to see if what cool thing Adventure City had to offer, plus you know they have TRAINS! As you know my son loves anything Train related so he was in heaven.

Adventure City is a small amusement park perfect for birthdays, play dates, and just a day out with friends and family. It's never too crowded and the rides are great from ages 2-60 (well most are lol). As soon as the park open Jayden was so excited to get inside and get on the train ride. Since I'm warming Jayden up to get on more adventurist rides I knew this would be the perfect park to get him a little more excited for bigger kids rides.

I was so happy to see that Adventure City didn't dive right in to Christmas decorations right away. It was still November and most places had thier Christmas trees out and all decorated. Adventure City had a wonderful autumn theme with pumpkins, turkeys and didn't forget about Thanksgiving, good job Adventure City!!

 I know most parents bring their strollers but it was good to see the little Taxi strollers as an option. I remember using those when Jayden was little.

Ahh there he is, it's THOMAS! Yes, at Adventure City you can find a Thomas the Train gift store and take a picture with the Thomas statue. Jayden has loved trains since the age of 6 months and he never gets tired of it. We stopped at the gift shop so that Jayden could take pictures with my phone. (Tip to parents, so we don't get our North Pole wish list wrong, I let Jayden take pictures on my phone while at stores so he can just email Santa the pictures of the toys he wants). Jayden likes to ensure that his list is accurate so there is no confusion on Christmas Day lol.
Parents, the train ride has to be one of the best rides. It's our tradition to ride this ride first when we go to Adventure City but its the ride that us with long legs and bad backs can fit in the ride comfortably. I tell you that getting old isn't fun but this ride brings out the kid in anyone. It's in the rear of the park and it takes you around the entire park. It goes through part of the party area which is inside and you can wave at all of the attendees there. You go around the park get to see all of the rides that the park has to offer and the petting zoo.

For us it was time for a little play date fun. Our friend joined us there and Jayden, being an only child, got to have fun with another kid. I know he is getting tired of just mommy son adventures so Adventure City was perfect for him to have some friend fun. 

Time for some game time in the Arcade area. Much like traditional arcades there are games for the entire family like basketball, skeeball and air hockey. I was not trying to break a nail so I was happy that he had company to play air hockey with him. Since Jayden is 7 years old now he can understand the rules of the game and can have a friendly competition with other kids.

 Another cool thing about the arcade is the Family Fun Card, no more getting change and having to deal with carrying quarters or tokens around, all of the games operate with the swipe of a card. You load the card up and they have great deals for you to pick from. They do offer tickets for playing the games so don't forget your tickets at the end. You can collect them and pick up your prizes when you're done playing in the arcade.

 The game for me had to be the shooting game. It's great to play alone but even more awesome to play with a friend. I think the arcade had enough games for the kids to want to stay and play for about 2 hours. I was getting pretty tired by this point and we decided to get a quick lunch.

 In true Jayden fashion he opted for a personal pizza and a frozen lemonade. I got a hot dog. They had other goodies like nachos and chicken strips to pick from and kids didn't have to get a soda, they could get apple juice instead. Throughout the park they had at least two other areas where you could get an icee or a snack area that had chips and pickles so you had other options in case you didn't want a meal.

After lunch we wanted to take it a little slow so we rode on the carousel and warmed back up to the crazy school bus ride. I was so happy that Jayden was now riding more rides that was for his age group and height.

Sadly this will probably be Jayden's final ride on the Crank N Roll train. There is a height restriction and Jayden was just a centimeter shy of being too tall. He really loved this ride and loved to race around the crank tracks. We will miss this ride dearly but it really is for the younger kids.

Time for a little big kid fun. Jayden really didn't want to ride this ride but after a little more convincing from his friend and mommy promising I would ride with him we decided to give the Barnstormer Plane ride a try. This ride goes up and down and swings around in a circle but the up and down is controlled by the front passenger. Jayden decided not to use that feature and I was ok with that, he is still warming up to the big kid rides. Parents, if you are trying to get your kids accustomed to riding bigger kid rides this is a great ride because you can let them be in control of how much is going on. They really don't have to go up and down and they can decide if they want to go up and just pull on the handle to guide it. There was just enough space to fit my 5'10" plus size frame in the back and Jayden rode in the front.

As the day was coming to an end us parents needed a break but the kids wanted to continue having fun. We headed over to Rescue 911 (which has an entrance through the gift shop) and let the kids ride themselves while we watched. The first time around they rode the police car and the second time they rode the fire truck. The line wait was just about 5 minutes and once on the ride they were able to go around twice. 

 I think that the best parent area/ride has to be the Thomas the Tank Engine Play Area lol. There are about 5-6 benches and all you have to do is sit and watch the kids build train track areas and play. There is no age requirement for this area and tiny tots just learning to walk and older kids all play together. There has to be about 100 wooden trains for everyone to play with and plenty of tracks so everyone can build something. Parents were able to just sit and talk while the kids played. They are surrounded by a gate so only one way in and one way out for their protection.

10 Cool features about this park:
1. The park is clean, not a speck of trash and the tables were clean too.
2. It's not overly crowded, well not in October/November (we went on a Sunday).
3. You don't have to pay for parking.
4. You feel safe.
5. Great for ages 6 months - preteens.
6. Birthday packages offered.
7. Rides for both kids and adults to ride together.
8. Food prices wont break you.
9. Friendly staff, everyone is super nice.
10. Entertainment - magic shows, petting zoo, rides, and arcades, you can't go wrong.

Would you go again? Yes
What time of year is best? Any. I like that the seating area has umbrellas to help against the sun and that there isn't a big crowd during the fall. I have been during the summer when school is out and there are more people there so the wait is about 10-15 minutes per ride in the summer and about 5 minute wait in the fall.
What age group is best here? I would have to say toddler to preteen. 
Is it handicap friendly? Yes. I am handicap and there were places for me to rest, not crazy hills to climb and I saw about 6 handicap parking areas outside, however there is enough parking for a lot of people.
Is it ok to bring the grandparents and great grandparents? Yes. I think the train ride and carousel would be great for the older generation to be able to spend time with the kids on. I could picture my grandfather riding the train with my son for sure.

Adventure City
1238 South Beach Blvd.
Anaheim, CA
(714) 236-9300

(Video of our trip here will be posted soon on our weekly vlogs, stay tuned)