A look back inside Designer Con 2015

Wow, wow, wow! Designer Con is an artist's dream event. As you may know I have a degree in Film and Animation from Loyola Marymount University and I also took classes at Pasadena Art Center and Design since I was in high school. This event was such an eye opener for me and it inspired me to get back to drawing and painting. For me I am a working makeup artist and I do a lot of pencil/color pencil drawings on the side but I have been a muralist for years. I have fallen off the wagon and with a full time job and single mom art just wasn't something I could focus on. I do get those late night urges to create at about 2am but I try and fall back asleep as best I can. After having went to Designer Con 2015, I just can't fall asleep that east anymore.

When I arrived I parked in my normal location, down the street in the parking structure. I arrived about 40 minutes after it opened and I didn't see the typical crowd of people that I do when I attend beauty events. I walked in and got my passes, the lines weren't long at all. Once inside the exhibit halls it was pretty dark, so I apologize for some of the picture quality, it wasn't until about 2 hours later that they exhibit hall lights were turned on. My first stop was Linda Panda, a local artist from Torrance CA. I immediately was drawn to this booth, we have the same design style. I purchased her book for $20 and followed her on instagram. Her book was a challenge of her own to do 1 drawing a day for a year and is doing it again for 2015. I thought that was really cute and she even posts some of her drawings on instagram.

When I graduated from college all of my professors felt that I would have a really great future in plush toy design but had no clue on where to get started. My thesis characters can easily be made into toys for kids. Well this event I say artist doing just that, taking their artwork and then having them come to life by being plush toys. How amazing!!! 

I was able to walk the entire convention center and take pictures of all of the cool things from earrings, art, plush toys, books and figures. I did see some kids there around the ages of 5-16 and they really enjoyed it. I wish I would have brought my 7 year old but I could already predict that I would have spent a lot more money lol. The amount of Star Wars items and Avengers were out of this world, from Darth Vader earrings to Avenger bracelets. I could see that a lot of artist did have Star Wars themes, The Walking Dead, lego, and cute bunny type designs.

All in all I think that this event is great for us that love art, love cartoons, love designs, and have a love for learning new ways to use art in everyday life. It was cool for kids if they are creative. I was able to cover the entire event in 2 hours, I didn't have a great budget to buy much but if I did I can see myself being there a good 5 hours. There was a small place to eat but the Pasadena outside court across the street has tons of shopping and places to eat. Yes, Designer Con is worth going to. Meeting local artists like Linda Panda was a complete honor.

These are just a few pictures from Designer Con 2015.