Legoland CA Brick-Or-Treat 2015, Our Birthday Trip.

LEGOLAND® California Resort first evening of Brick-or-Treat Party Nights, presented by Shutterfly was October 3, 2015 and we were there to party with everyone. It was actually an early birthday trip for me and my son, we share the same birthday of October 23rd.

We decided to spend the entire day at Legoland for it's opening day of Brock Or Treat, we have been before but the place is so big we still have not seen the entire park yet!! Seriously! There is just so much to do.

As we went through Miniland USA we spotted Halloween decorations and saw numerous decoartions throughout the park.

Of course we spotted a picture of a Haunted Train and The Rail Man (Jayden) had to take a picture of it. This is the stage right near MiniLand USA where the costume contest was held that night. You were judged on Creativity, Group and Lego Costumes. We know what to wear for next time when we come (Oh and there will be a next time).

We noticed a new build a boat area that wasn't there the last time we came to Legoland so we have to take part. We just love building and racing boats with other kids.

Since it was the last day for the Water Park we spent most of the day there. We were pretty exhausted but we did go back to the car to change into Darth Vader. There were so many kids dressed as Star Wars characters and we took pictures with every Star Wars kid we could kind (if the parents said ok, of course).

The Candy Craze was our first stop. We all gathered and waited for the opening of Brick-Or-Treat and it was so worth the wait. Once inside my son was expecting to be terrified but it really wasn't scarey. Around each turn was a different Character, from an Ice Queen, to a prisioner, to a Mummy. In order to land candy we had to read the sign and participate, like making animal noises or walking like a mummy. So it was really fun and we got CANDY and TOYS!! (Yup, not all stops were candy, we got a toy too)

Next we went to the HeartLake Stage and was able to sit in on the Not So Scarey Story Book Performance. It had crowd participation and was pretty funny having the actors dress up and act silly lol. At the end they also handed out candy.

After that there were candy carts roaming the Legoland grounds, we spotted one but didn't get any. Shocking my son doesn't really care for candy, SERIOUSLY, lol. So we got on a few more rides. All the rides were open for Brick Or Treat and we were so thankful to be able to ride a little more. The lines started to get long for candy so we just walked around and started planning for our next trip to Legoland and what we want to ride.

After having been there since 9:30am, going to the water park, riding on rides, and going to some of the Brick Or Treat functions we were pretty exhausted. So a tip would be to take breaks parents. I think that the all day passes are great if you can party from sun up to sun down but me and my 6 year old couldn't hang that long LOL. Too much excitment and too many things to do and see. It truly was a fun day and I would love to go again, we are going again. We ended up heading to the Sea Life Aquarium where there were 2 candy stations and Wanda's Jelly Fish Disco Dance Party so we ended our day dancing off our sugar rush. Also, not all candy stations had sugary candy, we did get a health bar and gummy fish, plus twizzlers and lemon heads, YUM.

(Our Brick Or Treat Loot)
(Darth Jayden next to the Lego Pumpkins, thought that was cute)

*We are now officially Legoland Blogger Ambassadors, we are not paid for our reviews, just love to share our experience with you all.

Jayden and Janee'