Cool things at Legoland CA Water Park 2015

Over the 2015 Spring Break and Easter Holiday weekend we decided to travel from LAX to Carlsbad CA to visit Legoland for the first time. It was an amazing experience and there are some things that you may want to keep in mind before planning your visit.

First we took the 405 fwy to the CA 73, which was a toll road and it cost me about $15 to use it as a one time only fee. Not too bad but those were the directions that google maps gave me so keep in mind that there is a fee you have to pay at within 5 days or face a violation. Traveling from Los Angeles to Carlsbad on a Friday morning, leaving at 6am, we were able to arrive at Legoland at 8:15am. Sadly the park doesn't open until 9am and the parking doesn't open until 8:30am so we had to wait in our cars at the gate entrance, which caused a big pile up because its not a very big street where the cars were lined up.

We paid $15 for parking and followed the signs to the handicapped parking area. I do appreciate that the handicap parking is right at the doors of Legoland and the Sea Aquarium. I didn't have to walk far to get to the gate.

 Once there I tried to find help about renting a cabana for the day which was a difficult task. Although most employees were very nice it was hard to get an answer from anyone. I asked a young man about the cabana outside of the entrance while he was cleaning the glass, he told me to go inside to member services to the right once the park opened. So at 9:15am I waited in line at member service as instructed. There were about 2 people ahead of me taking pictures for their annual pass and no information on the walls about the water park. So I waited. By 9:40am I was finally greeted and I asked about the cabanas and the pricing and the lady didn't know anything about it and said I have to go to the Water Park check in to find out more.

After leaving there we went to see if there was anything we could ride since the water park doesn't open until 10am. Well basically the park doesn't open until 10am. So don't rush to Legoland at 9am thinking you will be able to immediately ride the rides because there is a 1 hour delay. You can go towards miniland and there is a building next to the XBOX building that will allow you to build a lego robot but there are only 6 tables so not everyone can play. After we sat there for a while a lady came and announced that the jungle area will only in 5 minutes so we left to go get in line there. There the wait to get on the ride was about 6 minutes, not bad. We then stopped at the boat ride that was a fairy tale storybook theme. We waited about 8 minutes in line there.

Along the way we saw numerous things that my son and I wanted to ride but today was about the Water Park so we headed there next. We waited in line to get in and have our tickets scanned and finally found answers about the cabanas. I was looking to pay around $40 for the day. I am disabled and with my back and leg injury I really need a place to sit. Sadly the cheapest rate was $90 and I couldn't afford it. I went to the restroom to change into our swim clothes and then we went to the locker rooms to put our things away. For a large locker it was $12 and a small was $8, cash or credit cards accepted. You were given a bar-coded wristband and once you scanned your wristband a door popped open and that was your locker. Thankfully I was able to get a locker on the top row because with my handicap I can't bend over too much. If you have an injury keep in mind that you can't pick your own locker. I noticed the first aid was right next to the lockers and the restrooms.

Now it was time to have some fun. We loaded up with sunscreen and went to find 2 chairs to claim in the shade. We found 2 chairs near the baby or infant play area and put our hats and towels down. My son quickly went to get in the mini pool area and he had a blast. For me the water was far too cold but he didn't mind. In this area there are 3 mini slides. We were going to use them but my son had on swim shoes which are hard to get on and off. You are not allowed to use the slide with swim shoes on, although they sell them there to use. Bummer.

We then went to the animal water area where there isn't a pool but animals that shoot and spray water. He liked it there but would rather be in the pool, pretending to swim because he can't actually swim lol.

Next we went to the lazy river, my favorite ride. I put a life jacket on my son, 50-90 pound red jacket, and we got the double inter-tube to ride. Since he can't swim and I can I had him sit in the middle of the double tube riding it like a horse. I walked behind him to make sure he was ok. They had a few little areas where water shot out at you and I made sure to get him nice and wet lol.

After that he was pretty hungry so we took a potty break and went to get some food near the entrance. We got the kids pizza meal for him and I got a brownie and personal pizza. His meal came with 2 small slices of pizza, raisins, a juice, and chips. Together was paid about $27, I didn't get anything to drink. We loaded up with sunscreen again and went to check on our towels. We decided to move our chairs closer to the pool area so I could sit and watch him because my back and legs were beginning to hurt and I didn't have a wheelchair.

Next we wanted to go over to the Chima area and Oh Boy it was packed with people. When I stepped into the pool area I could see why, the water was warmer there and it didn't trigger my raynaulds syndrome. YAY! We played there for about 30 minutes before going back to check on our towels and putting the camera away in the locker.

After that we went up towards the big slides but my 6 year old is far too young for that and doesn't know how to swim. However we did come across a pool with a clock and water cannons. When the clock stopped beeping you would hear a Lego Character voice and all of a sudden water dropped from the top of the cannon area onto people. We thought it was hilarious! Again the water was too cold for me so I had to stand and watch on the side. There was no place for me to sit and my back was killing me by this point. So after about 30 minutes there I said I'm sure there are other places we haven't seen and we were right. We went through the Chima area and pass the Pirate one which was under construction, and up so more steps, ouch for me. We saw that you could build a boat with legos and race them down a  twisty water ramp and my son was thrilled. He built his boat with mostly red legos and I was able to sit on the short brick wall, yay. He raced his boat about 40 times and loved it. I had to drag him away from this area and I told him there has to be more and I was right. There was a tidal wave area, a ride we both love, and he was thrilled. By this time it was 2:15pm and it was time to go check into the hotel by 4pm.

Getting back to the locker was hard because it was full of people and strollers. You had to squeeze by people to get to the bar code scanner for your locker to pop open. Then you had to wait for a changing area to become available, not enough changing areas for sure. We made it back to our car by about 3:20pm and I took some medication for my pain. No sooner than securing my son in his seat he fell asleep, LOL. He had a blast.

In the end I asked him which is his favorite water park and hands down it's Legoland. He wants to come back so bad. I can't really afford the $150 tickets to get in and all of the travel expenses alone as a single mom but I do hope to get back there soon to experience more of what Legoland has to offer. We both loved it and I'm exhausted from such a wonderful experience.


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