Trip to Walt Disney Train Barn

Over this pass weekend, August 2014, we visited the Walt Disney Carolwood Train Barn for the
very first time.

We were greeted by Scott he was of very big help, he knew so much about everything there and in the area. Perfect guy for my little engineer to talk train with.

Once inside he gates watch your step because the trains are coming your way!!! You will cross a few mini tracks before you get to the barn so watch your step and stay clear of all the train riders.

Once we got to the grass area there was a little train table, much like Thomas the Train wooden train table, where the kids can play. It was only one table so if you don't come early enough the kids will have to share and play on the grass.

Inside the small barn are many old Walt Disney artifacts and I'm sure the adults and young kids would find it interesting. Most of the things inside the barn you cannot touch except a small model train set that has 3 controls, one for the train, one for flying Dumbo and one for the sliding.

Outside there was a pretty cool machine that the men were putting old soda cans in and there was steaming coming from on top of the roof. It looked very interesting but again something \that you couldn't touch.

All in all we stayed about 30 minutes before heading out to the LA Live Steamers where we were able to ride the trains for a small fee. We will be back to visit the Walt Disney Train Barn once my son is a little older. I think that this area is best for ages 10 and up because the can appreciate the history a little more.

Here are some pictures from that day:

There cool trains are the trains that you can ride on and they go through the Walt Disney Barn area but you do not board the train at the Disney Barn, you get on in the LA Live Steamers next door. You can't go through either, you must go around and park on the street or walk to the LA Live Steamers area.