No More Thomas Town at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia CA

We were so disappointed to learn that Thomas Town was no longer an attraction at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia CA. We went there in April 2014. What they did have was the reminiscence of Thomas the Train, now called Whistlestop. The faces were removed from the trains and some of the colors were changed on the train that you ride in. My son Jayden being the train lover, he already knew what the trains formerly were. Here are some pictures.

I'm sure from the pictures you can see that the building looks like Tidmouth Shed and that green engine with no face is what's left of Percy. The actual ride use to be Thomas but is painted red, blue and silver now.

We went on a Friday morning and the Looney Tunes area for the kids was pretty quiet. There was no one waiting in line for most of the rides so we were able to get on as many rides as we wanted and back to back with no waiting. I was disappointed that the train souvenir shop was closed the entire day so we couldn't purchase any train items. 

This train ride lasts about 5 minutes. Adults ride with the children. Food and drinks are not allowed. There is room for handicapped riders. The waiting area is covered so no waiting in the sun. 

Next to this ride was a mini train coaster for the kids to ride, no adults allowed. He loved it as well. Now is it worth the $37 price tag to get in (That's with a discount), for the kids I would say maybe not. The parking was $20, the average bottle of water was $4, the souvenir bottle of lemonade ice was $16 and you had to pay for refills. Now I am a Six Flags Magic Mountain lover and as a child I went 4 times a year until I went off to college and I loved the adult rides. The kids area does need more options, they were building a racing attraction when we went. I remember the kids area when I was a child and it was just ok, I couldn't wait until I was bigger to get on the big rides. As for my son, he loves Six Flags and it's his favorite amusement park to date, primarily because he feels as if it's more related to Thomas the Train, although it no longer is.