Knott's Berry Farm - Steam Engine (Calico Railroad)

2014 marks the year of my son's amusement park train adventures. This year I wanted to take my 5 year old to different amusement parks and enjoy all of the different train rides. We have been to some in the past but it was more toddler related and not "Big Boy" related, lol.

Upon arriving to Knott's Berry Farm in February I noticed that they had a seasonal pass special. I ended up purchasing 1 for me and my son and it's roughly $28 a month, for 6 months. I was hoping that he would enjoy Knott's as much as I did growing up and I was right! He loves it.

Since I'm a veteran of the Knott's Berry Farm love affair, I pretty much know where every ride is located and I immediately took him to the Calico Railroad in hopes that it would be open and operational, it was!!

He was the happiest boy in the world!! I would have to say that the wait time was about 35 mins and we were in the sun. I wish that they had a covered train waiting area but they don't. Also be warned that there was no food or drinks allowed on the train. We had to wait for people to run to where they parked their strollers and put their sippy cups back. No worries for me, my son was too excited to ride the train to be concerned with eating and drinking lol.

If you have ridden the Calico Railroad before then you know what we are all waiting for... The Robbers!! LOL. My son had no clue what was about to happen and I was so excited to see his face. When the train robbers entered our coach he was scared, he immediately through up both arms and his eyes were so big. He grabbed my purse and sat on it so that the robbers wouldn't steal mommies purse, lol. I thought that was adorable. The actors were great and very professional, they even let some of the kids hold the fake guns and posed for pictures before heading to the next coach.

All in all the ride lasted about 10 minutes and it was so worth the 35 minute wait in the sun to get on. We love riding this train and can't wait to visit Knott's once a month for all of 2014.

I took these pictures before deciding to start a blog for my son, I will take better pictures in the future to share with everyone.