Day Out With Thomas - Filmore CA

We love going to Day Out with Thomas in Filmore CA. Here is some footage of when we went in 2011.

As you can see from the video my son was so happy and overjoyed to be there to see Thomas. He was all of 2 1/2 years old when we 1st started going to Filmore to see Thomas. Now this is a rather long drive for us as we leave from the LAX area, pass Six Flags Magic Mountain, and about other 45 minute drive. We purchase our tickets ahead of time online and pay the service fee. Once we arrive we park about a block away and walk to the event. There at the event are Thomas fans, a Pop Up Tent full of toys, a few train tables for the kids to play at, a color area, different Food vendors and the other trains that Filmore has to offer. Across the street kids can see model trains and in the back there is a small 10 seat theater that plays Thomas and Friends DVDs for the kids to watch.

With the ticket purchase you are allowed to ride Thomas. It doesn't turn around, it heads out backwards and after about 8-10 minutes of riding it backwards it stops and heads forward back to the drop off and pick up area.

As passengers are unloading other families are at the front taking pictures with Thomas, the average picture package is about $25. In the park area you are able to take a picture with Sir Topam Hat, between certain hours.

Now we did return to Filmore for the 2012 Day Out With Thomas but we missed the 2013 one because I had lost my job and couldn't afford the tickets, gas, and other expenses. I wanted to go in 2014 for the Filmore location didn't have the Day Out With Thomas listed on the website for its annual April event. We did notice that there will be another one in Perris CA in November. I am a little concerned with it being in November because of the rain, my son's birthday is in October so money will be tight, and because I do my Black Friday shopping and I will be saving for that. I don't know if we will be able to attend but if we do I will remember to vlog it for you all to see.