May 21, 2014

Day Out With Thomas - Filmore CA

We love going to Day Out with Thomas in Filmore CA. Here is some footage of when we went in 2011.

As you can see from the video my son was so happy and overjoyed to be there to see Thomas. He was all of 2 1/2 years old when we 1st started going to Filmore to see Thomas. Now this is a rather long drive for us as we leave from the LAX area, pass Six Flags Magic Mountain, and about other 45 minute drive. We purchase our tickets ahead of time online and pay the service fee. Once we arrive we park about a block away and walk to the event. There at the event are Thomas fans, a Pop Up Tent full of toys, a few train tables for the kids to play at, a color area, different Food vendors and the other trains that Filmore has to offer. Across the street kids can see model trains and in the back there is a small 10 seat theater that plays Thomas and Friends DVDs for the kids to watch.

With the ticket purchase you are allowed to ride Thomas. It doesn't turn around, it heads out backwards and after about 8-10 minutes of riding it backwards it stops and heads forward back to the drop off and pick up area.

As passengers are unloading other families are at the front taking pictures with Thomas, the average picture package is about $25. In the park area you are able to take a picture with Sir Topam Hat, between certain hours.

Now we did return to Filmore for the 2012 Day Out With Thomas but we missed the 2013 one because I had lost my job and couldn't afford the tickets, gas, and other expenses. I wanted to go in 2014 for the Filmore location didn't have the Day Out With Thomas listed on the website for its annual April event. We did notice that there will be another one in Perris CA in November. I am a little concerned with it being in November because of the rain, my son's birthday is in October so money will be tight, and because I do my Black Friday shopping and I will be saving for that. I don't know if we will be able to attend but if we do I will remember to vlog it for you all to see.


No More Thomas Town at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia CA

We were so disappointed to learn that Thomas Town was no longer an attraction at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia CA. We went there in April 2014. What they did have was the reminiscence of Thomas the Train, now called Whistlestop. The faces were removed from the trains and some of the colors were changed on the train that you ride in. My son Jayden being the train lover, he already knew what the trains formerly were. Here are some pictures.

I'm sure from the pictures you can see that the building looks like Tidmouth Shed and that green engine with no face is what's left of Percy. The actual ride use to be Thomas but is painted red, blue and silver now.

We went on a Friday morning and the Looney Tunes area for the kids was pretty quiet. There was no one waiting in line for most of the rides so we were able to get on as many rides as we wanted and back to back with no waiting. I was disappointed that the train souvenir shop was closed the entire day so we couldn't purchase any train items. 

This train ride lasts about 5 minutes. Adults ride with the children. Food and drinks are not allowed. There is room for handicapped riders. The waiting area is covered so no waiting in the sun. 

Next to this ride was a mini train coaster for the kids to ride, no adults allowed. He loved it as well. Now is it worth the $37 price tag to get in (That's with a discount), for the kids I would say maybe not. The parking was $20, the average bottle of water was $4, the souvenir bottle of lemonade ice was $16 and you had to pay for refills. Now I am a Six Flags Magic Mountain lover and as a child I went 4 times a year until I went off to college and I loved the adult rides. The kids area does need more options, they were building a racing attraction when we went. I remember the kids area when I was a child and it was just ok, I couldn't wait until I was bigger to get on the big rides. As for my son, he loves Six Flags and it's his favorite amusement park to date, primarily because he feels as if it's more related to Thomas the Train, although it no longer is.


Knott's Berry Farm - Steam Engine (Calico Railroad)

2014 marks the year of my son's amusement park train adventures. This year I wanted to take my 5 year old to different amusement parks and enjoy all of the different train rides. We have been to some in the past but it was more toddler related and not "Big Boy" related, lol.

Upon arriving to Knott's Berry Farm in February I noticed that they had a seasonal pass special. I ended up purchasing 1 for me and my son and it's roughly $28 a month, for 6 months. I was hoping that he would enjoy Knott's as much as I did growing up and I was right! He loves it.

Since I'm a veteran of the Knott's Berry Farm love affair, I pretty much know where every ride is located and I immediately took him to the Calico Railroad in hopes that it would be open and operational, it was!!

He was the happiest boy in the world!! I would have to say that the wait time was about 35 mins and we were in the sun. I wish that they had a covered train waiting area but they don't. Also be warned that there was no food or drinks allowed on the train. We had to wait for people to run to where they parked their strollers and put their sippy cups back. No worries for me, my son was too excited to ride the train to be concerned with eating and drinking lol.

If you have ridden the Calico Railroad before then you know what we are all waiting for... The Robbers!! LOL. My son had no clue what was about to happen and I was so excited to see his face. When the train robbers entered our coach he was scared, he immediately through up both arms and his eyes were so big. He grabbed my purse and sat on it so that the robbers wouldn't steal mommies purse, lol. I thought that was adorable. The actors were great and very professional, they even let some of the kids hold the fake guns and posed for pictures before heading to the next coach.

All in all the ride lasted about 10 minutes and it was so worth the 35 minute wait in the sun to get on. We love riding this train and can't wait to visit Knott's once a month for all of 2014.

I took these pictures before deciding to start a blog for my son, I will take better pictures in the future to share with everyone.

May 20, 2014


Hello. I am starting this blog for my son Jayden. He loves trains and I find myself always going on train adventures, buying train toys and just learning everything about trains with him. I want to document his love of trains and share some wonderful adventures and ideas that we have about trains.
(While riding the train for the 1st time at Disneyland - Anaheim)

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